TSL Industry Co., Ltd. Manufactures and sells an antenna coil steel door next to a small rubber filler large electric motor, remote control. Equipment and associated organizations Ns roll door stop. Tel.:(662)-346-5178~9, (662)-346-5212 Tel.: (662) -346-5178 ~ 9, (662) -346-5212.

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SHILING TRANDING CO.,LTD. rolling door motor, manufacture factory has been established in TAIWAN since 1987, using manual switch as the control system(push button switch) year 1992, company has developed the remote control as another control system in order for the convenience of customer.

nowadays, with the advance and seamless technology, company has adapted the high technology from America, MPU, into their remote system. This high Technology is the “HOPING CODE REMOTE SYSTEM TRANSMITTER”. Its advantage  is prevent from copy code or even scan code. Because the code will be changed every time without any certain direction (only their own remote set can be used), there are over 4 billion code number.

          Year 2001, company decided to set branch office in THAILAND under the name of THAI SHILING TRANDING CO.,LTD.Here, we do produce the iron rolling door with GLAVANIZED STEEL, sheet, pole box, and stand….etc. Not only the rolling door part, we also keep stock of the other component such as motor, sprocket, limit switch, rectifier…etc. To let customer fully trust and proud in our company and product, we have 100%QC for the motor and remote control system. More than that we have reward, the certificate of the organization]s quality system which complies with ISO9001:2000 issued by UNITED URS and also have register our remote control circuit with Thai Govemment. Attached are two certificate for your reference.













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