Update : 29/12/2551

Motor for the door coils.

Cylindrical robustness.

Lightweight, easily installed.

Quiet voice full range traction.

The new brake system technology.

Available in several versions.

Weight has been since. 300 Kgs~1000Kgs 300 Kgs ~ 1000Kgs.

TSL Industry Co., Ltd. Manufactures and sells an antenna coil steel door next to a small rubber filler large electric motor, remote control. Equipment and associated organizations Ns roll door stop. Tel.: (662) -346-5178 ~ 9, (662) -346-5212.

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Thai Shinling Tranding Co., Ltd. is a market leader in steel door motor coil.

Sliding door.


Motor for sliding door.

Support weight 500 Kgs ~ 1000Kgs.


Single leaf doors tile coatings.

Steel coated quality steel GRAVANIZ from Taiwan.

Backup power.

Coupled with the electric motor is all.

Backup power to more than 24 hours.
High-performance, easily installed.

Safety & Sensor

Door stop immediately when the barrier.

Prevent overlaps items.

Not a scratch on things.

Remote control

Command control. Open - Close the door.

Security system with anti-Frequency Scan and Copy.


Motor for sliding door.

Support weight 1000Kgs.

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